A Sex Crime Attorney Can Help You

Sexual abuse is a very serious matter. When a person forces another person to engage with them in sexual behavior, this is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can also be when an adult either stimulates or has a child stimulate them sexually.

There are many types of sexual abuse. One kind of sexual abuse is non-consensual sexual behavior, which is also called rape and sexual assault. Touching that is unwanted can also be sexual abuse. Exposing a child to pornography is also termed sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse can include when an adult exposes their genitalia to a child, forces a child to engage in sexual activity with the adult, or uses a child to produce child pornography.

Sometimes sexual abuse can occur when a person who is in a position of power leverages that power to force someone who they have power over to engaged with them in sexual activity. For example, this might happen in a workplace setting, from boss to employee. The boss might use their power to coerce their employee to engage in sexual activity, and out of fear for losing their job, the employee might unwillingly comply. Another place that this might occur is in an education setting. A student might fear that they would be given a failing grade by a professor if they do not engage in sexual activity with that professor. Another highly publicized area that this might happen is in religious institutions. This usually involved those with religious authority forcing children to engage in sexual acts. The sexual abuse of a child could also be classified under the position of power kind of abuse, considering that an adult almost always has more power than a child.

If you have been accused of sexual abuse, you should contact a sex crime attorney. A sex crime attorney specializes specifically in defending people who are accused of sexual abusing another. A sex crime attorney understands that even just attempting to defend yourself from allegations of sexual abuse can be a humiliating, confusing, and scary process. This kind of lawyer can help you put together a defense against these claims. A sex crime attorney always starts with a presumption of innocence with their clients. These kind of lawyers have a job to fight for the freedom and reputation of the person who has been accused. The lawyers will use their considerable expertise to build a solid defense for the person that is accused. They will also make sure to question the alleged victim of the abuse. Sometimes, if the alleged victim has been coerced into saying that abuse occurred or if they have lied about that sexual abuse, a lawyer will be able to find out before trial. When this happens, the case usually dissolves before it can go to trial. When this happens, the lawyer will work to expunge it from their client’s record so that it will not hurt their reputation. These allegations are very serious, and if you have been accused, you should contact a lawyer.