How to Spot the Best Hair Salon

Finding a new hair salon can be difficult, there’s no doubt about it. In this article are a few simple ideas- a few things to look out for- that will give you a great starting point for separating the best from the rest in the world of hair salons.

You simply want an appointment and you want it now. But more than that too, you’re probably not sure what to look for in a hair salon, and so you end up taking a gamble and booking into the first place that looks okay.

If you knew what to look for in a hair salon- if you had a simple checklist of things to bear in mind saved in the hard drive that’s your own brain- then it would take some of the bother out of looking and get you on the right track. And if it’s not such a pain in the neck, if finding a good salon is easier, then you have all the chance of finding the best hair salon and developing a long and fulfilling relationship with a great stylist.

One of the first things you should be aware of when looking out for the best hair salons is the location you’re in. The trendiness of neighborhood has a big impact on the kind of salons around. A hair salon in a fashionable area is more likely to give you a fashionable hairstyle- one that’s very “now.” 

You should also spend a minute checking out the kinds of hairstyles worn by clients leaving the salon- this is another way of getting an idea about whether or not the hair salon is the best one for you. If everyone is leaving with the same hairstyle- which can often be the case with those fashionable and expensive salons- then it probably means you’ll end up with that hairstyle too. It probably also means, and this is quite important, that there’s the possibility the salon won’t be interested (or even able) to cut your hair any other way.

Another obvious way of sorting the best from the rest in the world of hair salons is simply to give each potential salon a good eye-balling. This will only take a minute, but if you look with the eagle-eyes of an FBI agent you’d be amazed what you can deduce from appearances. Take a look at the stylists working in the salons too. Don’t discriminate, but make a preliminary assessment of your potential hairstylist. 

Look at the stylists own hair- the way it’s cut and styled, and its health- and use what you see as a basis for thinking about the kind of hairstyle they’re likely to give you. Think about their experience too. New stylists are often enthusiastic and eager to please, but may lack some of the experience required to make decisions about more complex/specific hairstyles (maybe, for example, complicated formal hairstyles). But by the same token if a hair stylist looks way to comfortable and blase- like they’ve been doing the same thing for donkey’s years- then your consultation may end up lacking the individual attention you need. Go for a hairstylist who’s in the middle of their career and who’s also well groomed and has the kind of healthy hair you wouldn’t mind having yourself.

A Sex Crime Attorney Can Help You

Sexual abuse is a very serious matter. When a person forces another person to engage with them in sexual behavior, this is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can also be when an adult either stimulates or has a child stimulate them sexually.

There are many types of sexual abuse. One kind of sexual abuse is non-consensual sexual behavior, which is also called rape and sexual assault. Touching that is unwanted can also be sexual abuse. Exposing a child to pornography is also termed sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse can include when an adult exposes their genitalia to a child, forces a child to engage in sexual activity with the adult, or uses a child to produce child pornography.

Sometimes sexual abuse can occur when a person who is in a position of power leverages that power to force someone who they have power over to engaged with them in sexual activity. For example, this might happen in a workplace setting, from boss to employee. The boss might use their power to coerce their employee to engage in sexual activity, and out of fear for losing their job, the employee might unwillingly comply. Another place that this might occur is in an education setting. A student might fear that they would be given a failing grade by a professor if they do not engage in sexual activity with that professor. Another highly publicized area that this might happen is in religious institutions. This usually involved those with religious authority forcing children to engage in sexual acts. The sexual abuse of a child could also be classified under the position of power kind of abuse, considering that an adult almost always has more power than a child.

If you have been accused of sexual abuse, you should contact a sex crime attorney. A sex crime attorney specializes specifically in defending people who are accused of sexual abusing another. A sex crime attorney understands that even just attempting to defend yourself from allegations of sexual abuse can be a humiliating, confusing, and scary process. This kind of lawyer can help you put together a defense against these claims. A sex crime attorney always starts with a presumption of innocence with their clients. These kind of lawyers have a job to fight for the freedom and reputation of the person who has been accused. The lawyers will use their considerable expertise to build a solid defense for the person that is accused. They will also make sure to question the alleged victim of the abuse. Sometimes, if the alleged victim has been coerced into saying that abuse occurred or if they have lied about that sexual abuse, a lawyer will be able to find out before trial. When this happens, the case usually dissolves before it can go to trial. When this happens, the lawyer will work to expunge it from their client’s record so that it will not hurt their reputation. These allegations are very serious, and if you have been accused, you should contact a lawyer.

What to Look for in Eyelash Extensions

You don’t have to go very far if you want eyelash extensions services. There are a number of salons and spas in this community that offer this wonderful option of allowing people the chance to look like a celebrity. Why would you want to try something like this? Because it makes your eyelashes much fuller, darker, and thicker.

If you are interested in looking better, and more importantly, you are tired of wearing mascara all the time, then you will be glad to hear that you can get eyelash extensions.

Until recently, you couldn’t get Gold Coast eyelash extensions, and in fact, many people had trouble finding them at all throughout. Eyelash extensions began, of course, in Hollywood, where women want to have the thickest lashes possible. Instead of relying on the older type of fake lashes that were glued on as a strip, a new technique was created, and that technique is now used in the eyelash extensions.

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If you have been considering having this procedure done but think that it might be a little too dangerous, then you should be reassured that it is not. The synthetic lashes are glued to your existing lashes with a very safe and non-toxic glue. Over time, as your lashes grow out, the extensions will gradually fall off.

The length of time that your eyelash extensions will stay on is largely dependent on how fast your lashes naturally grow. For some women, the extensions only last three to four weeks, while for other women, they can last six weeks and beyond.

The best news of all is that you can swim in these eyelashes, you can take a shower, and you can cry – and they will not run or fall off. Unlike permanent makeup that is essentially tattooed onto your skin, you can take these off at any time if you feel you don’t like them, but most women absolutely adore the look that they get with eyelash extensions.
The nice thing for those who use these extensions is that the lashes are waterproof. This means you can catch the surf and not have to worry about them falling off or getting smeared. However, you probably won’t be quite as lucky if you use oil makeup removers or try to put on mascara. This will create the opposite problem, as it can cause the lashes to fall out prematurely.

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What Weaknesses Does a Hair Salon Business Have?

Hair salons are involved in a competitive industry with diverse target markets. Strengths-
Identifying the strengths of a hair salon can, at times, be as easy as looking at the clientele. A hair salon with an abundant clientele list is a sign of successful marketing, good operations and strong client management. Still, a strong analysis will identify the reasons that those strengths are strengths. Factors like a well-trained team and a high traffic location may be the core strengths of the salon.

Anyone who graduates from beauty school probably thinks about owning a hair salon one day. The desire is often fueled by dreams of expressing creativity, developing a clientele and raking in profits. Rarely do these dreams include human resources problems, employee theft and payroll tax implications. These issues are the downside — or weakness — in the hair salon business.

High Turnover

Recruiting and employee retention are two of the biggest problems in the salon industry. Because education for hair stylists is regulated by states, there is no national standard for competency. Salon owners rely on tryouts and references in recruiting. Yet turnover remains high. Stylists who leave without notice disrupt staff schedules and client appointments. High turnover affects sales and erodes a salon’s reputation. The ease with which stylists leap from one salon to another keeps hair business owners in constant recruiting mode.

Employee Compensation

How a hair salon compensates employees dictates cash flow, turnover and taxes. Most salons pay employees a commission. They start with a 60-40 split in the salon’s favor. However, stylists and nail technicians who increase the salon’s clientele soon request a 50-50 split. In this case, the salon owner gets the short end of the deal because rent, utilities and the cost of goods sold are paid from the owner’s 50 percent. The owner must raise prices to counter the increase in compensation or accept reduced revenue. Some salons pay salaries to minimize the impact that commissions have on profits.


Further complicating the stylist-salon owner relationship is the way the federal government taxes tips. The Professional Beauty Association has lobbied Congress for years to pass legislation that would give salon owners a tax credit on employee tips. The association seeks a deal like the one that applies to restaurant owners via section 45B of the Internal Revenue Code. As it stands, salon owners receive no tax credits and must pay taxes on employee tips. Stylists at high-end salons can generate more than $10,000 annually in tips.

Poor Industry Ethics

A software developer for a technology firm could not quit his job without notice, walk away with that firm’s proprietary information and take a job with its competitor all in the same day. This happens all the time in the salon industry. Stylists routinely take confidential client information and claim the clients as their own. Although some salon owners require employees to sign non compete contracts, these agreements are difficult and costly to enforce. Ethics problems also arise when employees steal salon products and perform additional services for free and under report tips.

Hair Salon – What You Gain From Using One

Going to the hair salon can be a pampering treat as well as a grooming essential. There are many reasons to make an appointment for the array of services which are offered. The stylists and technicians who work there have been highly trained in aesthetics as well as the chemistry and components of the body. A cosmetologist must spend many hours first in a classroom learning all there is to know about the field, then in the beauty school salon working with clients. Following this extensive training which can last up to two years, the cosmetologist must complete two exams in order to become licensed. The licensing examinations are comprised of a written portion as well as a hands-on test where the practitioner will demonstrate skills on a manikin.

Why go to the hair salon for professional services?

  • Career enhancement: A well groomed individual is much more likely to get hired for a job or promoted at their existing place of employment. Part of a professional appearance is a good haircut and manicured nails.
  • A foundation: A good haircut is the building block of one’s appearance. A high quality cut will go with any outfit and make a person’s facial appearance more appealing. Without this foundation, everything else will appear shoddy.
  • Self esteem: Having one’s hairdo cropped into a stylish look will do wonders for a person’s self esteem and confidence. This is a mood booster that even helps hospital patients or nursing home residents feel better about life and therefore heal more quickly.
    What services does a salon offer?
  • Cut: A trim or whole new style is available with the snip of a technician’s scissors.
  • Shampoo and style: If a customer doesn’t want a cut, they may still have a shampoo and blow dry or set. This is especially popular for special occasions such as the prom or wedding day.
  • Permanents: Waves or curls can be processed into one’s look with permanent processing. This is a tricky task which is best left to the pros.
  • Color: There are different ways to color one’s tresses including all-over tint, highlights or lowlights. A combination of all three may sometimes be used for a unique expression of personal style. Highlights are usually blonde streaks set against a dark backdrop of tresses and lowlights are dark ones set against light.
  • Manicures and pedicures: A majority of larger salons have a nail technician on staff. The cuticles, nails and skin are tended to on either the hands or feet by these skilled techs.
  • Makeup: Makeup artists are often available to ready a woman’s face for a special occasion. These products may be applied in salon or by a mobile service in order to adorn the faces of all females in a wedding party or on a stage set.
  • Chair massage: Nothing like a chair-massage to relax the neck and shoulders before the tresses are coiffed into a new style. Even fifteen minutes can make a world of difference.

Your local hair salon can make a big difference in appearance and mood. Get a referral for a good stylist from your friends and neighbors today.


Whether you are a man or woman, more than likely you will visit a hair salon at some point in your life to get a new haircut or new style. The salon actually has a storied past and has a different meaning today than it did just 100 years ago.

The history of the hair salon in Ann Arbor goes back to the writings of Horace. He defined it as a place where people gathered under one roof so to amuse each other with knowledge and discussion. Many times they were used for the recitation and explanation of poetry. They were well known in the 1600s and 1700s in French writings and were known to exist until quite recently in large urban centers. Many times the one in a person’s home was considered to be a place for the men to retreat to discuss things like religion and politics and other relevant issues of the day. The modern usage of the word however, is quite different.

Today the Ann Arbor hail salon is a place where people gather to get hair, nail and body treatments, and make conversation with their hosts, in this case, hair, nail, and body stylists. Some of these are considered day spas that may offer every beauty treatment available in a relaxing environment, while others specialize in one treatment, such as hair or nails alone.

Most often the day spa is considered to be a place where one can relax and alleviate some of the stresses of everyday life. Most of the time they are a peaceful atmosphere with waterfalls, fountains, soft music, dim lighting, and candles, as these are the things that are found to lead to a more relaxing environment. Treatments at a day spa often include Swedish massages, hot oil massages, deep tissue massages, and many other types of massages to soothe your aching muscles. Some offer hot tubs, warm pools, pregnancy massages and couples massages so that the mom-to-be or the couple can enjoy relaxation time together. Many full service day spas also offer slimming wraps, facials, and foot care, while some are all-inclusive and offer nail, hair, and waxing treatments as well.


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Unlike a day spa, a salon often only offers one or two services such as hair and nails or just hair or just nails. Most often your stylist has gone to a cosmetology school and has been trained in all the latest styles and can help you decide the look that is best for your hair and facial structure. They concentrate on hair cuts for all, permanents of all styles, hair coloring, and specialty hair styles for a single event such as a wedding or graduation. Some specialty shops offer African hair braiding and hair extensions to offer you that special look.

So whether you are looking for an all-inclusive place that will offer special deals on packages that may include a massage and a haircut or a place that offers just a simple hair cut, there is a salon that will whatever needs that you may have.